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Absolute control 

of white light

Summa’s controls allow virtually any “white” point for a luminaire, range of luminaires, room, or site to be specified by the exact CCT and Duv determined by the lighting designer. 


Summa’s suite of controls speed deployment, allow clients to realize their vision on-time and on-budget, and allow for ongoing control and management. 

White light shouldn’t be a choice between 3, 4, or 5 different CCTs. Summa puts the power to choose in the designer’s hands. It’s the designer that chooses the exact light that’s needed to deliver the intended effect and to meet their client’s expectations.

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One-of-a-kind color white management 

If you’re looking for a specific color of white to paint a room, you have dozens of choices. But in lighting, you’ve only had 4 or 5 choices of white light. And, unlike paint, which can be matched between different manufacturers, LED-modules from different LED suppliers are unlikely to match visually or by spectrum, even if they have the same CCT. 

Metal Led Lamp

Now, the exact color of the white light is determined by the lighting designer, not the LED manufacturer. Light can be specified with the same kind of precision that’s possible with paint and other materials. 

Summa’s unique ‘white-color-management’ wireless lighting control platform provides the interface for determining and selecting the desired color of white. Simply selecting CCT and Duv (Delta u v) parameters, save your specification, and replicate or change the color at any time. Now you have the freedom to choose your light. 

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Complete Control

In addition to Summa’s White-Color-Management tools, robust control tools support all your control and commissioning activities:

Summa Systems
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Manage all your

light projects remotely

Summa gives you access to your lighting system from anywhere in the world

Summa Commissioning

Summa guides you during all of the steps in your lighting project from preparation to use by the end-user. With online tools for design, commissioning, installation, and activating your lights, the process is greatly simplified. 

Upload the DXF drawings of your floorplan and Summa allows you to virtually pre-configure, in advance, the entire light infrastructure on every floor and in every space or area. Even before the actual construction of the building is complete. When installing on location, you add all your fixtures and controls by simply scanning a QR-code. 

And, after completion of the project, Summa offers

online management and maintenance.

Now you’re in control of the light. 

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