Automatically Adjusted
Always Beautiful
Smart Atmospheric Lighting.

Intuitive control of atmosphere and lighting

Summa blends innovative insight, groundbreaking ideas,
and proven technology to revolutionize how you manage lighting.


… your light experience is of constant and unparalleled high quality
… you can create an atmosphere that your clients, customers, guests or employees want to experience
… the possibility of reaching an almost perfect daylight spectrum
… controlling lighting quickly and easily with a cloud dashboard

Sounds impossible? It’s not.

It’s here. Right now. And, it’s Summa.

The ultimate networked lighting experience.

Summa Systems brings data-driven artificial intelligence to business lighting, with the LUXEON Fusion Light Engine, Summa AI, and Summa Sense solutions. Together, they create next-generation lighting, with wireless luminaires, single and multi-channel drivers, and a single cloud dashboard to bring lighting and sensor data together. Plus, with central control, you can drive beautiful lighting and atmosphere across rooms and buildings using AI and data-driven intelligence.

Better lighting is better business

Delight customers, drive attention to products, create atmosphere and mood, and build the kind of lighting that works. Summa supports your business wherever you are, whatever you do. Our unique combination of hardware, cloud software, and data-driven AI puts you in effortless control of light and atmosphere. Plus, with our deep-learning neural network to adjust light and settings throughout the day, you can maintain Human-Centric lighting, no matter exterior conditions.  

Summa lights your commercial or retail space with endless possibilities for every vertical.

Be the first with smart, wireless lighting.

Summa blends innovation with proven technologies to deliver lighting management and control in industry-revolutionizing ways. We use standard LEDs with our drivers, pucks, and sensors, to create a completely new way to manage lighting. Plus, with full wireless connectivity and a cloud dashboard, you get unlimited insight and control into lighting and atmosphere.