Bright light
Brilliant place
Blazing results.

Cloud Connected

Wifi Based

Leds & Drivers

Summa gives complete freedom
in atmosphere and experience
at any time of day.

Sometimes, a revolution arises from an innovative insight, a groundbreaking idea and a proven technology. That time is now.


… that your light experience is of constant and unparalleled high quality
… you can create an atmosphere that your clients, customers, guests or
employees want to experience
… the possibility of reaching an almost perfect daylight spectrum
… controlling lighting quickly and easily with an online dashboard

Does this sound like utopia?

No, this revolution is here. Now.

A luminous network that provides the ultimate light experience and natural light perception.

Each LED has a NTC sensor. Every driver has a feedback loop. In addition, a Summa Enhanced LUXEON Fusion LED can optionally be equipped with a driver or puck. The drivers are jointly connected to a client local. This local is connected to the Summa cloud.

A revolution in the field of lighting, sensoring and control.

The system analyses two types of data streams. First one is incorporated in the hardware which that contributes in the LED colour feedback system and hardware maintenance loop. The second stream consists of external sensor data that can be incorporated into the system, data and hardware wise. The information that is produced, controls the driver and therefore the LED. This is done remotely online and makes the system extremely dynamic. 

The applications for end users are endless with Summa. To illustrate this, we have worked out examples for various segments.

Support the revolution and be the frontrunner

Summa is an integrated wireless system. The advantage of this is that no expensive additional installations are required. So no expensive wired operating systems or home automation solutions that weigh heavily on the costs of electrical installations. Instead, you benefit from a great lighting concept with the utmost quality and freedom, for limited and transparent investments.