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The real choice in white light for your space

Summa puts you in control of the light, not just the lighting. Specify the exact color you want from the broad white color space and apply it across a room, a building, or even a brand. 

Pick the white light that works with the color and texture of your walls, surfaces, furniture, and daylight profile.

You are now really designing the light and the lighting. 

Welcome to High Fidelity Lighting!

Metal Led Lamp


Presence Driven Lighting

Summa’s sensor-driven lighting enables the light to automatically switch on or off or even dim. Sensor-driven lighting can be applied to a single light, a room, or any space at just the right time. 


Wireless White-Color-Management 

Summa’s unique ‘white-color-management’ wireless lighting control platform provides the interface for determining and selecting the desired color of white. Simply selecting CCT and Duv (Delta u v) parameters, save your specification, and replicate or change the color at any time. Now you have the freedom to choose your light.

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