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Presence driven 


Good quality light and lighting will always be essential. However, the use of light can be even more efficient and effective when we are willing to manage the amount and duration of the lit effect. 

Metal Led Lamp
Modern Office with Cityscape

With Summa, your lighting is
there when needed

Summa’s sensor-driven lighting enables the light to automatically switch on or off or even dim. Sensor-driven lighting can be applied to a single light, a room, or any space at just the right time. The use of sensors makes presence detection in your spaces part of a seamless automated user experience, appropriately illuminating rooms only when intended and necessary. 

Our sensors help organizations to be more environmentally friendly, even without considering that cutting energy usage reduces energy bills as well. 

Metal Led Lamp

Sensor based on heat

Summa uses IR Array Sensors. It is a sensor triggered by heat and our algorithm adds intelligence that allows us to detect human presence and movement. It is based on heat signatures which ensures anonymous use of data. Summa Sensors network can combine their logic moving from a certain point to an entire space.

Summa’s sensors are available as stand-alone modules or can be built into your track, pendant, and surface-mounted fixtures. 

Image by Sebastian Pichler

Tightly integrating smart sensors into your wireless lighting system allows to really create adaptive and well-lighted spaces.

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