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High Fidelity Lighting

Solving the Illusion of Choice

The idea that we can choose the white light that we want has been an illusion.

In fact, lighting designers, specifiers, and brand managers have only been able to select from a list of options created by LED manufacturers and offered by OEMs.


Summa puts you in control of the light, not just the lighting. Specify the exact color you want from the broad white color space and apply it across a room, a building, or even a brand. Pick the white light that works with the color and texture of your walls, surfaces, furniture, and daylight profile.

Metal Led Lamp
Brick Wall

What if the color of your walls changed and you could re-specify the color of the light without changing the fixtures?


Our high-fidelity solution gives you the power to change the light without changing the lighting.

Just choose from a virtually infinite selection of the color white and adjust the lighting instantly.

Metal Led Lamp

With Summa you can create dynamic lighting that mimickes the progression of daylight from morning to evening. Because Summa’s light engine delivers a vast white space, you can create dynamic scenes that don’t simply follow a line between two predefined CCTs. Define light along a curve or even a scribble.


The choice is yours!

Open Workspace

​Redefining Static Lighting

Today’s LED solutions for tunable white or dim to warm typically offer a choice of CCTs between two points. For instance, dim-to-warm 1800K to 4500K. Or a tunable white light line that can’t even follow the black body locus. And if different lighting is ever needed, only a change of luminaire or light source will yield a solution.


With Summa, your choice of light is not bound by points and lines but instead by the white color space, above, below and around the black body locus. As a result, you are in control of the color, tone, efficiency, and intensity.

Experience a groundbreaking technological innovation that is revolutionizing the world of lighting with our mesmerizing video, 'Redefining White Light: The Summa Triple White Colour Mixing Technology.'

You are now really designing the light and the lighting. Welcome to High Fidelity Lighting!

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