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Our Story

Our goal is to give people the ability to define how their spaces are illuminated, by choosing the color of the light from the color space, by choosing the intensity of the light, and by choosing how the light changes over time for color, intensity, and spectrum. Our goal is to deliver High Fidelity Lighting. With the power to choose the light, environments can feel more natural, healthier, comfortable, calming, energizing, and engaging.


Our mission is to empower the lighting community with High Fidelity Lighting – lighting that excites the imagination, that senses and adapts, and redefines what’s possible.

Leadership Team

Our Values


Responsibility. We take what we do very seriously and are transparent about every step of our work. It's important for us to ask for help when needed.


Simplicity. We constantly challenge ourselves to find simple solutions for complex problems for you.


Adaptiveness. We believe there is no such thing as failure - only success or a lesson to be learned. 


Innovation. We strive to create a better tomorrow today to make your life better and simpler. 


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