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DC Linear Driver

DC Linear Driver

The Control Unit of your Summa Light Engines and Controls. The Driver makes sure your LED lights always have the right light output in terms of color and brightness.


The Summa DC Linear Driver is a 1-3 channel converter, offering control, monitoring, and maintenance for up to 3 single channel 5000 lumen LEDs. In addition, the Puck integrates into traditional Chip-on-Board and Light Engines, allowing you to combine the Light Engines with existing installations.


The Summa DC Linear Driver empowers you to gain full control over your lighting system. It is designed as a 1-to-3 channel converter. This means it can control, monitor and maintain up to three 1-channel 50 Watt LEDs. It is the ideal hardware part for mixing installations and saving costs while maintaining all benefits of Summa. It is the perfect way to get Summa into every project and be able to combine the Light Engine with traditional light engines, LED strips and Linear Boards in every project. The DC Linear Driver is available with and without an external antenna depending on the encasing materials.


DATASHEET 3 channel DC Linear Driver + internal antenna 

DATASHEET 3 channel DC Linear Driver + external antenna 

    Available colors: Black
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