Technical Concept

The ultimate light experience

Summa is a universally integrated wireless system with unprecedented quality LED lighting, providing the ultimate light experience. This lighting concept is based on luminaires equipped with the revolutionary Summa Enhanced Luxeon Fusion Light Engine and control system. A combination of a Light Engine that produces more than 600,000 colours based on white tones (CRI90+, within 1 step MacAdam), with an easy to operate control system fully based on cloud control.

From sunset to winter morning

 Impressive words, but what do they mean? All configurable light colours are of the highest quality possible and can always be dimmed to any desired brightness level ranging from 0.1% to 100%. From real candlelight and a summer sunset to a cool winter morning – every colour and brightness tone can be realised and adjusted at any time. All convincing, natural and truthful. 

A revolution in the field of lighting,
sensoring and control.

The system analyses two types of data streams. First one is incorporated in the hardware that contributes in the LED colour feedback system and hardware maintenance loop. The second stream consists of external sensor data that can be incorporated into the system, data and hardware wise. The information that is produced, controls the driver and therefore the LED. This is done remotely online and makes the system extremely dynamic.

Summa provides optimal lighting 24/7, thanks to the real-time data-driven system that, if necessary, also works offline, without current data. The powerful combination of data collection, artificial intelligence, the use of proven technology and the continuous optimisation of techniques and applications makes the dynamics of the system. Summa, with the Summa Enhanced LUXEON Fusion Light Engine, has a constant light output during its lifespan and ensures that a customer, guest or client has a consistent light experience. Summa Fusion is able to create 600,000 different shades of white and special colours.


Summa’s technique
increases the power of light
(and it doesn’t stop there).

Cloud Control

Summa AI Algorithm Data analysis, optimisation and control

Client Eco System

Visualisation, local control and data hub, Gateway between offline control, online control and optimisation



Driver with realtime feedback loop Summa Enhanced LUXEON Fusion Light Engine, Heat shield


This hardware is locally
wireless connected

Lifetime control

In addition to the almost unlimited light colours, Summa offers total control, overview and absolute certainty and consistency. Due to the applied artificial intelligence, the Summa cloud checks all Light Engines for light colour, light output and intensity, which are automatically adjusted as the Light Engine gets older. It remains fully up to date during its entire lifespan. In addition, Summa offers the possibility to use sensors that monitor movement and presence, count guests upon arrival and – if desired – analyse occupancy, route and energy management.

Choose the desired atmosphere for every room

You never have to choose a light colour again during the initial installation. Therefore, you’ll never get stuck with that choice during the lifespan of a project. There is complete freedom of creating an atmosphere and experience. Suitable for any time of the day, the weather, a holiday, ambience, crowds, etc.

With the easy to use Summa dashboard you can easily create fixed scenes that welcome, surprise and always give guests a good feeling. Adjust the atmosphere in individual spaces to the look that is desired at that time. You also have the option of changing colour and brightness per Light Engine or per group at fixed or varying times.

Installation benefits

Wired control systems

Expensive installation costs

LED position determination

Wired control systems

Single driver per LED

Peak costs

Protocol independent

Quick and easy installation

Scan & Tap

Up to 12 LEDs with PUCK

Cost Regulation

Potential extra earnings for installer