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Light designers are just as real artists as an artist that paints a picture

Claude Monet, a famous impressionist French painter, understood the importance of light and shadow. The artist even once claimed: “Light is the most important person in the picture”. He was one of the first artists to study daylight and painted the same scenery in different light settings. Monet explored how different light settings change our reception of an object and even our mood.

Throughout the history of art, painters have always used color, light, and shadow to tell a story and influence a certain mood in their audience.

Nowadays light designers are the often-neglected artists of our century; but instead of using a blank canvas, they use spaces.

Every space tells a story; the light should enhance it, and guide people through the experience - not disturb it.

We are finally moving away from the idea that artificial light should only serve the purpose of creating light when daylight is no longer there. It can do so much more than that and we should learn how to use it to our advantage! The kind of light we choose and set for our spaces, not only defines our perception of the room but also sets the tone for our physical and mental state throughout our stay. Great modern light should not only be efficient and environmentally friendly, but it should also listen to its receivers, adapt to their needs, and always think one step ahead to make sure they are set for the best light experience possible.

Just think of the flickering, poor light at a subway station - it is not only annoying, but it also releases large unsteadiness and can even cause migraines. In comparison imagine a lovely spring day, you’re sitting on a blanket in a park with your loved ones and the sun shines gently on your face.

You feel at ease.

The warm feeling of the sun on your skin, the trees getting greener - you almost forgot how cold and grey the last winter was. This is exactly how our artificial light should feel like. Yes, you heard it: light should make you feel something!

Light designers all around the world share the same mission, not only to create an efficient practical environment through lighting but most importantly to make us feel good and consoled in our spaces – and that is in our eyes a true masterpiece!

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