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Experience the revolution in static lighting with Summa Systems at Light + Building 2024!

Updated: Mar 3

Traditional LED solutions often limit you to choosing between two points on the color temperature spectrum, such as dim-to-warm 1800K to 4500K, or a tunable white light line that falls short of following the black body locus. Furthermore, adapting to different lighting needs typically requires changing luminaires or light sources altogether.

At Summa Systems, we break free from these constraints. Our innovative approach redefines static lighting by offering you unparalleled flexibility within the white color space. No longer confined to specific points or lines, you have complete control over color, tone, efficiency, and intensity.

Summa Systems Light and Building 2024

Join us at the booth of Kariszma / Light4u, where we'll showcase this groundbreaking technology in action. Step into our meeting room for an exclusive tech demonstration and witness firsthand how Summa Systems is reshaping the future of lighting.

Don't settle for limitations. Embrace the limitless possibilities of Summa Systems. See you at Light and Building 2024!

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