Discover Simplicity with Summa  

Get full end-to-end control of scenes, automation, and light modules. Summa’s dashboard offers pre-set scenes and options for every subscriber. We also offer full customization, with options for developers to build scenes, automations, and modules. Adjust atmosphere in every room, with control down to the luminaire. And, manage everything via a single, cloud dashboard – where light and scene changes are possible at the click of a button. 

Manage lighting from any connected device 

For the end user


Intuitive controlling through any device

Manage lighting with data-driven AI 


Mixing chamber

Summa Sensors




Data-Driven Analytics & Feedback 

The Summa dashboard provides insight in all sensor output. Simply select the information needed and get a complete overview. The system shows all connected devices and provides real-time feedback.


Filter data to see actionable data, make adjustments, and immediately get results. Our data-driven dashboard does more than show data, you can immediately apply it to algorithms, scenarios, and scenes to improve and optimize lighting.  

Fully Secure  

Access data in the cloud, from any connected device. Our platform is private, secure, and encrypted.  .