Our solution

A Full-Service Light Experience 

Revolutionize your lighting, with a full-service installation from Summa. Our solution integrates our technology – the LUXEON Fusion Light Engine – into hardware and light fixtures, complete with a cloud-based control system. Every fixture is wireless, cloud connected, and easy to operate manually, or with AI, directly via the cloud dashboard.  

That puts you in complete control of lighting and atmosphere, with AI to adjust light tone, brightness, and color to create natural, beautiful, lighting experiences as outdoor light changes. And, with SUMMA Sense, you can take that atmosphere control to the next level, with full oversight of occupancy, temperature, humidity, and even air quality. The result, a total solution, fully adaptable to every industry, from retail to art to hospitality, office, and more.  

Create Experiences
with Light

Summa’s light engine delivers 600,000+ colors, based on CR190+ white tones, with sensitivity in the 1-Step Macadam/1-SDCM range. Plus, with ultimate dimming sensitivity, you can adjust from 0.1% to 100% – for the perfect atmosphere, from candlelight to summer sunset to cold, winter morning.


Link hardware like the LUXEON Fusion Light Engine, Heat Shield, Sensors, Drivers, and Puck to a single system.

Local Hub

Connect luminaires and sensors to a central database and dashboard, for full local control of lighting in an offline dashboard.

Cloud Control  

Link luminaires to the cloud via the local hub, for full control via the dashboard and Summa AI algorithm, from any connected device.

Sensors & Data Control

Link sensors, integrate feedback loops, and see light status at a glance, with a full cloud dashboard. The LUXEON Fusion Light Engine links wirelessly to the cloud – sharing full diagnostics and maintenance loops, so you can always keep lighting in the best condition, to maximize lifespan and performance.  

Plus, with sensors to monitor movement, guest-count, and room usage – you can automatically dim lighting and reduce energy usage in rooms when empty. 

Automatic light adjustments for perfect atmosphere

Set scenes and desired lighting and maintain it seamlessly throughout the day, with our learning algorithm to make real-time adjustments to light based on daylight, crowds, and time of day. Adjust lighting as products or installations change – with light settings and scenes for creating atmosphere, highlighting sales, or making products or exhibits look their best.  
Create beautiful lighting and atmosphere, with control down to the Lumen. Create welcoming scenes that highlight exactly the products, shelves, or areas you want – and adjust it to change look and feel at any time. Summa dashboard puts you in control.

Installation benefits

Wired control systems
Expensive installation costs
LED position determination
Wired control systems
Single driver per LED
Peak costs
Protocol independent
Quick and easy installation
Scan & Tap
Up to 12 LEDs with PUCK
Cost Regulation
Potential extra earnings for installer