Discover ‘The Easiness of Summa’

Each OEM can create scenes, automations and modules, in consultation with the end user. This makes sure the end user will always have these settings at their disposal. They can adjust the atmosphere in every room to the appearance that is desired or requested. If they wish to change, they can at any time adjust light colour / intensity per luminaire or per group, at fixed or flexible times; the possibilities are limitless. This makes the Summa dashboard the perfect tool for controlling and monitoring.

Intuitive controlling through any device

For the end user


Intuitive controlling through any device

Full control and analytics
based on floorplan.


Mixing chamber

Summa Sensors




Dashboard flow

Use this flow to understand the relation between
the different components of Summa.

Insights in all sensor output

The Summa dashboard provides insight in all sensor output. Simply select the information needed and get a complete overview. The system shows all connected devices and provides real-time feedback.


Analyse all outcomes in one clear part of the dashboard. Simply filter your information to see what you need.

All data is secured

We make sure all data is private, secure and encrypted.